Sunday, June 1, 2008

One week left!

I can't believe that I've got only one week left of class and it will officially be summer vacation! I've got a test on monday, the last of my write ups due for clinical, and one lab day left. Wer'e all going out to Chevy's for mexican on our last lab day together, then we get to learn about all kinds of specimen collection.

On the home front, progress is being made in the back yard. Did I tell you my husband installed a pond on memeorial day weekend? Well, it's not done yet, the rocks need to be permanently placed and then I can put in the plants. My favorite part! This weekend his project is wiring the backyard for electricity. Since we have two fountains and the pond we were in real need for some outlets.
Do you see a cute little creature sitting at the edge of the fountain? That's one of our ohh soo adorible kittens born this spring. I think they make a wonderful addition to the garden, what do you think?