Friday, March 26, 2010

Settling in

So now that school is over I'm just getting into the routine of studying at home for several hours a day. My plan is to do at least 100 questions a day with rational and so far I've been able to keep up. We also have been doing study groups once or twice a week and that helps to break things up a bit. I'm using several resources such as saunders, kaplan strategies, lippincott, nclex3500. exam cram and nclex for dummies. I'm really trying to be systematic about it all but I can already tell that by April 27th I'm going to be so burned out! At least several of us will all go up together the night before and will share a hotel room to alleviate stress about traffic, also to commiserate about the test afterwards. I can tell these next four weeks will drag on and on. Hopefully I can stay motivated and will be rewarded with a PASS on the website.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Graduation today!!

Today is the pinning and it's hard to believe this day has actually come. I remember when I started and I knew that march 2010 would be the time, and now it's actually here! I have a formal job offer from the unit that I precepted in and I'm so grateful and excited, but still hesitant to celebrate until the nclex has been passed. I still don't know my date yet, I'm not expecting to get my att yet, probably in about 10 days or so. Until then, I'll still be a bundle of nerves. I just want to see the RN after my name on the DOH website.aahhh!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One thing left

Well. preceptorship is done and I had a great time. I am however, enjoying having some down time though. My last paper was turned in yesterday and I have one more group presentation due on the 9th then I'm officially done with nursing school! I still can't believe it really. So much is going on right now and these next couple weeks are going to be busy. Tomorrow my daughter starts ballet, I work this weekend then Monday some classmates and I are going to Seattle to take a practice nclex exam that Kaplan provides, sort of like a predicter test. Then next week is my cousins wedding and my pinning. I still have to find a dress, I'm not a dress sort of gal, but I'll make an effort just this once. Starting next week some classmates and I will be meeting for study sessions once a week until the big day.The school still has to send the transcripts out to the department oh health, who will then let Pearsonview know that we're able to sit for boards. Pearsonview will send us an authorization to test, and then we can call and schedule it. So, until then I'll keep studying!