Saturday, November 8, 2008

More of the same

It's been a couple weeks and the reason I haven't posted is that my routine seems to be incredibly boring and overwhelming at the same time. Those of you having gone through this understand. Lecture, lab, clinical, tests, papers due, careplans, research and on and on. When one thing is over another one begins, round and round like a ferris wheel that's going too fast for you to jump off or take a break. Hence the title of this blog, I'm taking things one week at a time.

Some new experiences in clinical this week were seeing a large wound packed and dressed, watching a IV nurse finally get a good vein after numorous tries, and taking care of someone with a NG tube, oxygen and a picc line that they were using to give TPN. I always walk away from the day with new experiences, but also little mistakes that I make that stick with me and I hope teach me to be a more careful nurse. The gravity of how important it is to do this job well sinks in and stays with me more and more every week.

I did my second concept map this week and I have to be greatful that it only took 12 hours, not 18 like last week. I know they will become easier with time with more practice. It's the indicision that gets me, should I use impaires physical mobility or activity intolerance? Are my interventions realistic? Are my priorities correct in my diagnosis boxes? It's all a little overwhelming but with Gods grace I will get through it. Take care