Monday, August 25, 2008

Is it August already?

Where has the time gone? Can I ask you a favor? If you have stopped by would you leave me a quick comment? I'm new to this blogging thing and haven't quite figured out how to get this blog to a wider audience, I love meeting new people and would be honored to hear from you!

So, exept for the fact that I'm in nursing school, you don't know a lot about me so here goes:

1. I LOVE decorating, shabby chic, french country, vintage, cottage, coastal, I love it all.

2. I love my cats and really enjoy having them around (pictures in a future post).

3. My dream is to someday have my own shop selling goodies, evan if it's only in an antique mall.

4.I love my kids to death but I struggle with parenting every day, am I punishing enough? Too much? I don't know but it's the hardest job in the world and I second guess myself all the time.

Above are some pictures from this month so you know what I've been up to!