Friday, February 12, 2010

My time is coming to an end

I have two more weeks in the ICU and then I'm done with my clinical hours. Everybody thinks I'm crazy that I'll be sad to go but as much work as it has been these last two months, I've learned so much and I've fallen in love with this unit. I had an "interview" with the dept manager and unit coordinator yesterday and it went very well, but they were up front about the fact they didn't have any current openings right now. The nurses union is still in labor disputes with the hospital and the contract is not finalized yet. So, hiring has been frozen for now. If anything might open it may not be until April or May so we'll see. Most likely I'll take NCLEX sometime in April. As soon as I get my authorization to test, I'll make an appointment. She did say, I have a good chance since I precepted there and I currently work in the hospital but that doesn't mean a position will open up. So, until then I'm going to try to relax, put everything in God's hands and just focus on studying for the NCLEX.