Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a late night post

Well we survived the first week of school! I am glad things went relatively smoothly and they both seem to like their classes and their teachers. I'm still working on Christophers room and the wood laminate flooring is halfway done. At 40.00 a box and about 600sqr feet to do, this is turning out to be a pricy venture but it'll be beautiful and will make for a lovely bedroom (that carpet was absolutely hideous!) It was the last room with wall to wall carpeting and with kids and pets it's so much easier to clean with hardwoods!
I also installed beadboard trim on the bottom third of the wall and now that needs to be painted. I'll be so glad to finish, it seems like every summer all I do is paint, paint, paint!
I've also officially registered to my fall classes which start on the 28th so thats all set in place, now I just need to start studying for my dosage calculation test on the second day of class. I'm ready for it though. It's exiting knowing that this will be the year I will graduate and take the NCLEX. I'm nervous but so exited to finally become an RN.
Well off to bed, I've got a 5 am wake up call.:)