Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing new

It's been a while since posting! I guess I've been on facebook more often this month. Work continues to go well but it has made the summer fly by! The kids have had two different vacation bible schools, and are doing swimming lessons for two weeks and I'm still doing my online class. Hubby got a new job that he really likes so far and some of our projects are underway at the house. Right now we're staining my daughters room and it's going to be the prettiest floor in the house! Now of course I'll want to refinish the whole front room. The never ending projects of an old house! Do you ever just wish that when summer came you could just pack up and go to the beach and stay there for three months with not a care in the world.? I do, all the time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy week

Seems like there's a lot to do this week. I came back from California and had a really good time. Unfortunately my dog had ran away while I was gone so that created som extra stress. Fortunately a couple days later he came back on his own and I was so thankful! He really is my little buddy and I missed him terribly.

The entire family has been sick this week with hubby getting the worst of it, he normally lucks out but not this time. I worked a couple of partial overnighters this week and it's been good to catch up on extra hours.

Callie's birthday is today so I've got a party to plan and lots of details to take care of.

Hopefully next week we'll be back in our normal groove, I'm afraid our home improvement projects will take a backseat to the weekend festivities. Oh well. Here's some picks from my trip!