Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow, I've been busy

Every day has been something, either at at the hospital completing all day orientations or I'm at school all day or I'm at the other hospital doing clinicals. But, the orientations will eventually be completed and I'll just work once or twice a week. I was incredibly lucky the other day. I was supposed to spend the day with I.V therapy, but they called my instructor and said they couldn't take a student that day. So, my instructor wasn't sure what to do with me so she asked the O.R if they could have a student that day! I was in heaven, I got to see a total knee replacement, and a total hip replacement. Soo, cool. I know I want to be in there after graduation and I can't wait.
Lots of studying and laundry to catch up on this weekend, have a good one!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fighting this stupid cold!

Okay, I am sick of being sick. This cold has gone aroung the entire family several times now and I thought I had missed it this time around but I wasn't so lucky:( So anyways, here's what's been going on:

1)The Hospital gave me the official offer for the job and I've completed the background check paperwork, turned in my status approval paperwork to school, did my drug test and now am waiting for it all to come together. My biggest obsticle seems to be trying to fit in the mandatory all day orientations which just so happen fall on EVERY single test day I have at school! My teacher is willing to rearrange one test day for me but that's about it. I can't start work til they're done so it may take longer than I would like until I can actually begin.

2) The tiling is completely done in the bathroom, yea! It took a lot of spring break to finish it but with some help from hubby we got it done and should be grouting soon. I'll definitely post pictures.

3) Classes so far are okay, my theory class has a lot of complicated assignments but I'll figure them out as we go along. In fact since I didn't have clinical this first week I've been able o get most of my Unit reading done so I feel a little ahead.

4) My favorite cat Salina has been missing now for I think 7 days. I hate to say it but several days may have passed before I realized because we have other cates and because we've been super busy. I've been looking at the shelter websites but no luck.

That's all for now!