Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow, I've been busy

Every day has been something, either at at the hospital completing all day orientations or I'm at school all day or I'm at the other hospital doing clinicals. But, the orientations will eventually be completed and I'll just work once or twice a week. I was incredibly lucky the other day. I was supposed to spend the day with I.V therapy, but they called my instructor and said they couldn't take a student that day. So, my instructor wasn't sure what to do with me so she asked the O.R if they could have a student that day! I was in heaven, I got to see a total knee replacement, and a total hip replacement. Soo, cool. I know I want to be in there after graduation and I can't wait.
Lots of studying and laundry to catch up on this weekend, have a good one!


Linda's World said...

You crack me up ! Your were "in heaven" watching a knee & hip replacement. That's the last place I'd want to work if I were a nurse...all that blood & guts! LOL ! Well, you watch some more knee replacements and then you can do mine when it finally wears out~ok? Have a good weekend sweetie. Love you, Aunt Linda

Babyquest said...

It really is hard to fit all the orientations in but it is doable.
That is totally cool about the OR, I love watching surgeries but I am not sure about working there though.