Saturday, May 2, 2009

All kinds of craziness

So much going on right now! I had a day in the ER yesterday and loved it. I had always thrown around the idea of ending up there but now I'm really confused. I love the chance to practice skills like foleys, IV's, blood draws, 12 lead EKG's and so on. Up on the floor, a lot of that is already done so you don't have as many chances to get good at those. I'm thinking of asking for ER for my preceptorship to get a good couple months in, then hopefully having my residency in a CCU or PACU area. I'm lucky that I will be starting my new job soon in the CVshort stay and will hopefully have an edge on getting into a good residency.
I've pushed back the goal of doing OR for now. I think it would be in my best interest to advance my skills in a critical care area, then I can always transition later into OR. I hear it's a lot harder going from OR to floor nursing as none of the skills are the same.
This week my research paper rough draft is due, my third theory test is on tuesday and I'm planning to try to get onto the official schedual at work then of coarse picking my patient and care plan on thursday and friday clinical.
Kids have been sick:( Daughter is getting better, but poor son has been throwing up since midnight. I hope he gets better soon, I feel so bad for him. (Early 6am run to the store for gatorade and pedialyte). Okay, back to studying!


Linda's World said...

It seems like it's getting busier & busier for you. I used to know the recipe for home made pedialyte but can't remember it anymore. The Consulting Nurses at TG give that out so often when I was working in that office I knew it by heart. But over 2 years of being retired has stripped it from my memory. Hope they are feeling beter soon and that you don't get it. Love Aunt Linda

Heather said...
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Heather said...

wow, you HAVE been busy! I agree with your assessment of nursing school choices. That's why I'm a little nervous doing my preceptoring in mother/baby. I'm afraid I'm going to lose some of my hard earned skills. It sounds like you are going to a great nursing school and you will be a great nurse...Enjoy!

Hey I hope your kids feel better soon!

Megan said...

Sounds like you have a fun and interesting summer ahead!!! I love the busy stuff too!!