Saturday, May 9, 2009


Started my new job today. I really like it so far. Everybody's nice and it's low key enough to not be overwhelming, but fast paced enough to keep me busy and not bored. Today I got to insert my first male foley (by myself with no nurse in the room:))D'cd two IV's. Of course lots of vitals and blood sugar checks. Dang those patients that have poor peripheral circulation, had to poke one guy three times! The nurse taught me that I should use the IV arm for those because the force of the fluid is moving things along better. I'll remember that! Learned how to get the food trays from the robot that brings them up and all those little details,and oh yea set up the wireless ECG monitor by myself. Yea Me! Anyways, I'm so tired, was up at five for work and now at 2300 still studying my ventricular dysrhythmias, heart blocks, MI, chest pain, angina, pacemaker and CAD disease stuff for big test on monday. Wish me luck!


Linda's World said...

Sounds like your schedule is very busy. I hope you remember to take some 'Becky' time so you don't burn out. Love you, Aunt Linda

KLS said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading about your first day!

Good luck on the test!