Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three more weeks

I am getting so burned out and having a hard time studying. I've got three more tests, three more careplans, one lab simulation, one group presentation, and four more articles to turn in and then I'm DONE for the quarter. I just need to stay on target and get my head out of the clouds!
Still love my job, and feel lucky to be there.
I'm also relly trying to keep up with the working out thing. I want to go for a one hour walk/jog three times a week and so I'm back on the wagon after having a bad run of sickness and pretty bad weather outside. Darn this Washington weather, it's middle May and I could count on one hand the sunny days we've had so far. Cannot wait for our California vacation this summer!


KLS said...

Right there with ya on the burn-out! Keep on keepin on!

Linda's World said...

Be sure and take time for yourself. Santa Barbara is the light at the end of your tunnel. Love you, Aunt Linda