Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally starting work!

I talked to my new nurse manager yesterday and I 'm going over on Friday right after clinicals to start my orientation on the floor. Then I'll be working every saturday 0600-1400. So more for the one day that I get to sleep in. Oh well, It will be nice to get some kind of a paycheck. I really hope I get to do some fun stuff along with the normal CNA type duties like vitals and transporting and of course help to the bathroom.
I'll try to talk the nurses into letting me do lab draws and IV's as much as possible.


KLS said...

congrats!!! good luck with getting tons of good experience!!!

Joshua said...

Cheers for Nurses and Happy Nurses Day! We are celebrating with the launch of our new website, www.RNpathways.com- we invite you to celebrate with us and you could win an iPod Touch or MacBook Pro.

Linda's World said...

Yes it is Nurses Day! Congrats on the job. Payday~ every other Friday! Oh I miss those. :(
Love you, Aunt Linda