Sunday, October 26, 2008

Five weeks left!

I can't believe we're heading into the last week of October already! These last couple weeks have flown by. When I'm in school, time always seems to go soo fast. I've been busy doing the usual, reading. studying, lab, clinical,rinse and repeat. Tomorow is my second big theory test on Inflammation, Immune responce, Surgical asepsis, Acute care nursing, Perioperative nursing, Anesthesia, Pain management, Wound healing, Fluid and Electrolyte imbalances, Acid/Base imbalances and Urinary/Renal impairment.

I've been studying so much I'm feeling a little burned out, but I always feel so much better after the test is over. This week is our first week that we go to the hospital, pick our patient, gohone and write up our care plan and go back the next day and take care of that patient. I'm exited and nervous; not so much about the patient care but managing my way around the other nurses, cna's and generally not having a comfort factor which this facility yet. I'm on a med/surg floor that see's a little bit of everything, so I know I'll learn a lot!

That's about it, back to studying, take care!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun with nasogastric tubes!

Don't you love great spider webs covered in the early morning dew? I do, and I had to snap a couple shots. We've got LOTS of spiders around here because I'm such a plant lover, and there's plenty of little buggies for food!

On the school front, I had my first out of four theory tests and was pleased to get a 90%. Yea! One down, three to go. Then I had a test in lab on medication administration, that went well, I'm pretty sure I got a 100%. A lot of it was common sense. Then in lab we got to learn how to insert nasogastric tubes! I was hoping we could practice in each other, but no, once again I will have to practice on a real patient. Last week was enemas, and actually I was greatful for the dummies for that procedure!

I had my day at the nursing home, which infact, to me is boring. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy visiting with them and I really do feel very comfortable with the geriatric population; it's just that I like to feel needed, and this nursing home is so overrun with all kinds of staff, numerous students from all kinds of schools (med assistants, lpn students, other nursing students) and I swear that this place has a 1;3 ration of patients verses help.

When I worked as a patient care assistant in the assisted living, I felt like I was really contributing, but hear, we are expected to do a complete head to toe assessment on our one client, but in all honesty, that can be done within about twenty minutes. The cna's don't need any help, I ask but, oh well.

We'll be going to the medical surgical unit in to weeks and hopefully I'll have my hands full. I always work better under pressure!

Next time I'm in lab I'll TRY to remember to take some fun pictures. I brought my camera last time, but I completely forgot. Until next time, have a great weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Very Full Week!

This week went by like lightning! I'm beginning to get into a workable routine and don't feel as overwhelmed as last week. We had our normal scedual this week and not all the crazy orientations that were thrown at us like last week.
I miss having the time to read some of my favorite blogs but if there's a will , there's a way! I thought I'd share some fun moments I've had recently. I got to visit the restricted, behind the scenes areas for surgery at out large local hospital. They walked us through where wer'e supposed to go for report, to change into surgery scrubs and scrub in. In a few weeks I'll have a chance to spend a day there and hopefully be in on several surgerys.
Today was fun also, it was our first chance to play with needles! We learned all about the different types of injections and got to practice on fake skin, bummer, I was hoping to practice on a real person. That will have to be at the hospital on a patient. Shh! Don't tell them I'm new! haha Have a great weekend!