Monday, March 30, 2009

First Day Back

Today I'm beginning spring quarter, last year at this time I began nursing school and I can't believe I'm half way through! I'm always happy to begin a new quarter, with each one bringing me closer and closer to graduation. This quarter we are beginning advanced med surg so I'm a little intimidated but with lots of hard work hopefully I'll be fine.
Our class is having other lpn students join us this time around so our original group will be somewhat separated as there are several therory courses and eight different clinical groups. Fortunately I do have some of my good friends in my clinical groups and hopefully we will all keep in touch by doing group study sessions. Okay, I've got an orientation to get to, have a good day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Got it!

Well I got the job, I can't believe it! I know it will be difficult to juggle everything but I know it will help reinforce what I'm learning in class. In other news. my sister has had some scary syncopal episodes yesterday with bradycardia down to 23bpm. She is stable now and being watched in the very same cardiac unit I was just hired in. very strange. Please send out a prayer for her that we find out what the problem was. Well, I'm gonna head back to the hospital and be with her. I'll update soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

Yea !! I'm officially on spring break now and loving every minute of it. I had my final test on monday and I'm still waiting for the results to be posted. I'm pretty sure I did fairly well and I believe I might evan end up with an A in this class.
Today I started tiling the bathtub surround with my pretty subway tiles, Mom helped me a ton and now that we have one wall done I should be fine on my own tomorow. I can't wait till this bathrom is done! We did get the pedestal sink installed and it's so beautiful. When the whole thing is done I'll definitely post some pictures.
So remember when I was worrried about the job situation? Believe it or not I got an invitation to go interview for a nurse tech position at the local cardiac outpatient wing. It's brand new and has suites nicer than most people's houses. Each room has a private shower with fancy ceramic tile, and a large plasma TV on the wall in front of the bed. This place has new computors on every room and then there is a computor on the wall in the hallway about every six feet or so.
I hope this job works out, we'll see. I won't have tons of free time to work this quarter but I wanted to have something lined up and ready for the summertime.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get to it!!!

I don't know about you but if I have lots of time to do something I will take forever, slowly getting around to it. Of course, If I have a deadline, I'm right on it. I think I work better under pressure. I've got just one test left and all week to study for it and I just can't seem to focus!
I guess my mind is just pre-occupied about things. Things are financially kind of rough right now and I wish I could just speed up graduation and get out there working!
I was talking to a recruiter from the nearby hospital and he was saying how there aren't as many nurse tech positions available as their used to be. He was also saying that hospitals down in Portland are having hiring freezes right now. Really scary for new grads. Alot of nurses that used to work on call are working full time because of spouses loosing their jobs, and people are putting off their retirement. This makes it hard for new grads to find good positions. I am hoping and praying that things work out and I guess it doesn't help anything to sit and worry about it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Done with pediatrics!

Last night was my last night with the kiddo's and I'm so relieved. It's just not my cup of tea and I knew it going in. What sucks the most is that we aren't allowed to give meds of any kind. I'm not evan allowed to spike a bag. I am really looking forward to adult med surg again. So, here we are with two weeks left of the quarter and I've got my last care plan that's due sunday night, then I am DONE with clinicals! We each got to pick one week that we could skip and I chose the very last week so, all I'll have to do will be to study for my very last test. Sweet!
In other news, we finally got our scedules for next quarter and I'm so glad I got the placement I'd asked for. I'm going to a different hospital this time so, I'll have a chance to get comfortable there. It's close to home and I may end up working there so I wanted to check it out. I also got the hybrid on-line theory class so that means one less day at school. Yea! Okay, I'm off to class!