Monday, March 30, 2009

First Day Back

Today I'm beginning spring quarter, last year at this time I began nursing school and I can't believe I'm half way through! I'm always happy to begin a new quarter, with each one bringing me closer and closer to graduation. This quarter we are beginning advanced med surg so I'm a little intimidated but with lots of hard work hopefully I'll be fine.
Our class is having other lpn students join us this time around so our original group will be somewhat separated as there are several therory courses and eight different clinical groups. Fortunately I do have some of my good friends in my clinical groups and hopefully we will all keep in touch by doing group study sessions. Okay, I've got an orientation to get to, have a good day!

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Linda's World said...

Best wishes as you start the new quarter. It's exciting to think that you're at the half way point. Love & hugs Aunt Linda