Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

Yea !! I'm officially on spring break now and loving every minute of it. I had my final test on monday and I'm still waiting for the results to be posted. I'm pretty sure I did fairly well and I believe I might evan end up with an A in this class.
Today I started tiling the bathtub surround with my pretty subway tiles, Mom helped me a ton and now that we have one wall done I should be fine on my own tomorow. I can't wait till this bathrom is done! We did get the pedestal sink installed and it's so beautiful. When the whole thing is done I'll definitely post some pictures.
So remember when I was worrried about the job situation? Believe it or not I got an invitation to go interview for a nurse tech position at the local cardiac outpatient wing. It's brand new and has suites nicer than most people's houses. Each room has a private shower with fancy ceramic tile, and a large plasma TV on the wall in front of the bed. This place has new computors on every room and then there is a computor on the wall in the hallway about every six feet or so.
I hope this job works out, we'll see. I won't have tons of free time to work this quarter but I wanted to have something lined up and ready for the summertime.


Linda's World said...

That's an ambitious project, tiling your bathroom! Anxious to see the pictures. Jim took one final Tuesday night and has another Thursday night. He's happy for a break as well. Hope you take some time to relax while on your break from school. Love Aunt Linda

Heather said...

wow, that job sounds amaaaazing. jobs are getting harder to get here in CA. So if you can get your foot in the door, that is a great way to get the job when you're all done. And if you do you will be cardiac savvy! Good luck!

And you stud! Doing your own tile! My hubby did ours, and I know what a job it is!