Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy week

Seems like there's a lot to do this week. I came back from California and had a really good time. Unfortunately my dog had ran away while I was gone so that created som extra stress. Fortunately a couple days later he came back on his own and I was so thankful! He really is my little buddy and I missed him terribly.

The entire family has been sick this week with hubby getting the worst of it, he normally lucks out but not this time. I worked a couple of partial overnighters this week and it's been good to catch up on extra hours.

Callie's birthday is today so I've got a party to plan and lots of details to take care of.

Hopefully next week we'll be back in our normal groove, I'm afraid our home improvement projects will take a backseat to the weekend festivities. Oh well. Here's some picks from my trip!

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Linda's World said...

More great pictures. Not sure if I can make it Friday evening or not. I'm so glad to hear the pooch came back. He was a bad dog! Aunt Linda