Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mommy, I feel like I have to throw up

How almost a week has gone by and I haven't posted anything new! Today was our clinicals at the assisted living center. Unfortunately, my daughter wakes up and tells me that she has to throw up. I'm thinking to myself, wait, no, I HAVE to be at clinical today. Wer'e getting towards the end of the quarter and I can't make up any time missed. So, I worked it out with my mom to take the kids, instead of taking them to school. What would I do without my mother? So, poor thing threw up in a bag on the way to and from my mom's house.

Changing topics, have you ever completely ignored someone on purpose just to be rude? Yoday I had to get a hold of my clients chart to find out her medications. So I go into the office, ask for the chart, and one of the nurses standing there begrudgingly gave me the chart. Well there was another gal in there, who had'nt really aknowlegded that I had walked in, okay , that's not a big deal, but when I was done and was handing it back, I put it on the counter, she still was'nt looking up, and I said" thanks, I appreciate it"and she completely ignored me. We were the only ones in the quiet office area. Not evan a "uh,ha" ,nothing. It's not like it upset me, but it did make be stop and remind myself that not everyone is as friendly as I am and some times comman curtesy mabey isn't so comman.

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