Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My dirty little secret

Yes, it's true. I, a future nurse, don't really love needles. In fact the thought of drawing someones blood does cause some anxiety. But, I put on my big girl panties and do it when it's needed. Sometimes I have success, sometimes I don't.
Here's my other secret, I 'm prone to have vasovagal responses when I have a bit too much anxiety in relation to needles. This basically means I faint. In fact, I fainted in the middle of the PACU a couple weeks ago. Ah, yes, creating new memories wherever I go. I had attempted to draw on this guy, and he was being really patient about it, but it had taken several attempts.
I started to feel a little woozy and before I knew it I was hearing my name being called with fuzzy faces all around me. It took a while to figure out what had happened but when I did, my first thought was DAMN! Why? Why did this happen, so so lame!
I know that I will get over this and the more practice I get the less the anxiety will come. In fact just yesterday, I worked in the same unit and everything went well, aside from forgetting to get the cotton ball out ahead of time, so what, a few drops of blood on the chair. Next time I'll remember and hopefully my hands won't shake as much.
Until next time, Becky


Linda's World said...

It will come in time. Five years from now you will look back & laugh and help pick someone else off the floor who fainted! We've all had areas of our life where we are a little timid...but after much practice~we get it right. Remember the first time you drove a car? Picked up a newborn? This too shall pass...Love Aunt Linda

studentrntiffany said...

I can totally relate. I dont get anxious when I am drawing blood but when someone is getting ready to draw mine, I start to get all fuzzy and like I really could pass out.

If it makes you feel better, I thought a bed alarm was a device on the med beds to keep them from getting stolen....yes, really.