Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pics from July

My my, where did the summer go? I already miss July.This picture was taken at Wapato park not long ago. Christopher is fascinated at all the millions of little tadpoles in the lake, there were swarms of them!

The backyard is always it's prettiest in July, now things are starting to dry up and lots of the flowers are past there prime. Oh well, that's why I take pictures!

I have now idea why I can't turn around this picture of Charlie, sometimes I really hate blogger. I would say adding pictures is definitely not user friendly when it comes to blogger. That's all for now!


Linda's World said...

Love the pictures. I used to catch jars & jars of tadpoles at Wapato Lake, when I was his age. We lived on 75th and Yakima until your dad was 2 years old. The park was close & I can remember walking there with your grandma Smith & we'd have so much fun. It was a lot different there back in the 1950's, much cleaner & safer.

sarah @ realestatestyle said...

Charlie is precious! Just found your blog, I love it!