Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mental health

Well it turns out that mental health is a lot of fun. We have an awesome instructor who is very easy going and the facility is really nice. I'm at the VA and I've gotten to go to PTSD support groups, dual diagnosis groups for people struggling with both a mental disorder and drug /alcohol problem, schitzophrenic cognitive therapy,all kinds of neat things. We are allowed to sit in on all interdisciplinary meetings and it's great to see the admit to discharge process from the beginning to the end. The only difference between the VA and other mental facilties is that people choose to come here, they are not being committed by someone else. The biggest theme that I see in just about everyone there is depression, not to surprising really. It has been nice also that what we are learning in theory correlates with what we are seeing in clinicals. That doesn't happen very often!
I'm also so thankful that we get an extra week off this next week for playing catch up and studying, I did well on the last test and hopefully can do well this next one. Then my stress level will be so much better.


Christine said...

Awesome! Sounds like you are having a great experience! love it when it all clicks together!

Lille Diane said...

Hi I found you while I was blog hopping. Do you have PTSD or are you going to school to learn how to help those of us who have it? I'll stop back to see what golden nuggets I can learn from you. I have PTSD and my blog is about my journey learning how to get back onto the highway of life~ Charlie Dog is a cutie!

Lille Diane said...

Ahhhh I just found your profile down at the bottom of your page... =] Congratz on going back to school to become a nurse! Higzzz!