Friday, November 6, 2009

Cruising along

First of all, I have to apologize for all the recent misspellings on this blog, I've gone back and noticed quite a few! My only defense is I am usually in a hurry and rarely proofread what I post. This week is going a lot smoother than earlier in the quarter. I'm done with long term care and have had some extra time to devote to theory. This was really needed, because I was starting to crack under the pressure! The timing has also worked out because next week Chris has half days in school almost all week and they have veterans day off. That would be really hard to schedule babysitting if I was busy in clinicals all week. Work is still going well, and I enjoy it just as much as when I first started.My nurses are so supportive and are really pulling for me to get a recidency when I graduate. As soon as I get some batteries back in the camera, I'll post our Halloween pictures. The kids had fun and got way too much candy! I've been finding wrappers everywhere! Till next time, take care!

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Linda's World said...

Kids always have fun on Halloween and they also get way too much candy. That's the way it's been since that whole trick or treat thing started. Julie (and later Jimmy) used to go out with a pillow case....I know you have a busy schedule but hope you have some time for Becky to just relax...hugs to everyone, Aunt Linda