Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fealling a little better

Well, it's been a long week. My weeks are Thursday through Thursday hense, my week is almost over!I've somewhat calmed down about my grades and with a lot of prayer, I know that things will work out in the end. I think sometimes I work so hard, and spin my wheels and forget to give it over to God and let him take the burden. This week we finished up our long term care rotation and I have one more assignment to complete for that. Mostly it was a boring rotation but full of lots of busy paper work and not a lot of hands on care. I love the hands on stuff, so this wasn't as fun. I guess I'll never be a nurse manager! Now I have two weeks off of clinical before we start mental health rotation. I'm so exited to actually get two extra days next week to study! Tomorrow's the end of life test and I'm busy getting our class presentaion together for that, so it's another full night, but tomorrow after class I'm actually going to relax and watch a dvd I ordered. The Proposal, can't wait!


Linda's World said...

Sounds & God have it covered. "The Proposal" is very cute, I saw it in the theater one movie day a few months ago. Can't believe Lindsey is going to be 6 this week. Seems like only yesterday that the I got the call about her arrival. Hugs, Aunt Linda

Babyquest said...

I know ... it feels like school will never end but even in the midst of all the chaos ... God really does have us covered. It is hard to remember sometimes. This quarter is far harder than I was expecting!