Friday, October 9, 2009

Few, first test down seven more to go

All in all this was a good week and I'm SOOO glad it's Friday! Our first test was on Thursday and I did okay, not as well as I'd like. I felt like I knew everything and had studied well but some of the questions were worded really strange and of course there are always a few trick questions, fortunately I got those right. As long as I keep above a 79% average for testing, I'll pass the class. Usually I can maintain a 90% average and then count on other projects and activities to pull up the grade to an A so I hope I can do that again this quarter.
I've got work tomorrow and I always look forward to that, it what keeps me going when I get bogged down with school stress, I look around and tell myself, one day I will just have go to work and come home and that's it. I am blessed to work with wonderful and generous nurses who enjoy having me around and don't mind all questions!
This week we were given the opportunity to fill out the sheet that tells school where we what to go for our preceptorship placement. Part of me wants to stay where I'm comfortable, such as a CCU environment. I truly don't want Med/Surg but, I know that I would learn a lot and would be pushed out of my comfort zone. The instructor also mentioned that I should go to a place where I could gain knowledge for NCLEX. She has a point, an area too specialized might not help me when it comes to the test, and that of course is the whole idea. If I don't pass, nothing else matters! So, I've got some thinking to do, until next time have a great weekend!

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Linda's World said...

Only seven more tests? That would boggle my mind. Have a good weekend. Love Aunt Linda