Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starting mental health and long term care

This week was full of some definite highs and lows! The first day back was great, seeing everyone and catching up with how their summer was nice. Then tuesday was our dosage calculation test and clinical orientation. Unfortunately, I missed one extra problem on the calculation test and had one more try to take it which I did today. Fortunately things went well and I got 100% but that was way too close for comfort. If I got less than a 90% I would have to miss clinicals for this quarter and I would not be completing the program with my group, just three months later. While this wouldn't be the end of the world, it would have been devistating to me.
This quarter we will be at the local VA hospital to complete our LTC and mental health units. I sat in line for 4 hours the other day to get my security pass and my fingerprinting done. Now I kind of know how someone feels being booked for jail! Anyways, I've got tons of studying to do and a test on thursday so I better get started, till next time!


Linda's World said...

That's crazy~ Don't they know what your dad does for a living? Glad you passed that test. I have a friend who, before she retired a few years back was a RN out there for like 20 years. Prepare your self for "exposures" daily. Hus, Aunt Linda

hope2brn said...

Same thing happened to me! in nursing 4. We have 3 attempts at a math test, if we fail all three we are OUT OF THE PROGRAM!! I failed two times ( had to get a 80%) So you could imagine my stress for the last test...Any way, I passed and so did you good luck with the rest of it..