Saturday, September 20, 2008

Butterflies in the stomach!

Well school starts monday and I'm exited and nervous all at the same time. I know I'll feel better once things get into a routine. My calender is already full for October and I'm a little nervous about juggling home, kids, husband and studies all at the same time. I know thing will eventually work out but last quarter the house seemed to suffer, especially the laundry.

For the first time in his life Hubby will have to take the kids to school once a week. I worry a little about that. The morning is perfectly timed out right now down to the minute and I hope he can keep up.

Here's the morning: 6:30- shower, get completely dressed, makeup, shoes, hair done. 6:45- start water on stove for oatmeal, make lunches and snacks for kids, put in backpacks. 6:50- double check that homework sheets are signed for both kids and that all binders, workbooks are in the backpacks. 7:00- Get son dressed, Don't forget oatmeal on stove! get daughter dressed. Depending on the day she may wear different uniforms (mon-pants, they have gym, wed-chapel day, must wear dress) Serve up breakfast no later than 7:10. Both kids take a while to fully wake up so I try to leave them plenty of time to eat. 7:30- brush teeth, brush hair, wash face, find and put on shoes. Must walk out the door by 7:40! Drive them to seperate schools and then head to class\work. This schedual probably seems pretty familiar to most moms, I just hope he can handle it. I'm sure he will, I'm probably worrying for nothing.

Above I've pulled out some of my favorite backyard pictures, summer will now be officially over so these memories will have to last!

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