Friday, September 12, 2008

Is it fall at your house?

I've finally got into the swing of things and put out my fall decorations. Do you like my door hanging? I found it at goodwill , it was white and dirty but thanks to some black spray paint it's now perfect! I filled it up with all kinds of fall goodies. Is it just me or do other people like those little birds that you find at the craft stores? I love them and decorate with them for most seasons. At Christmas I buy the white ones and sprinkle them with silver glitter and hang them on the tree. See the one on the mantle? The colors on the feathers are perfect for fall.

For other news, I'm returning to school soon and have been practicing my math for our first test. It's the second day of class and a 100% is required so it's a BIG deal. I included a picture of last quarters clinical group, what a great bunch of gals. We had a lot of fun. Well, off to take care of laundry duty,WAA!


Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! I can see that you're new at blogging and my first suggestion would be to some how mention your name in your blog. Just your first name is fine, no last name needed, and possibly what part of the country you are in. Just your state at least. And maybe a little more details about what you like, like music, reading, etc. You can put all that information in your profile.That helps fellow bloggers to at least feel like they know you a little.

A good way to get people to visit your blog is to go back to my blog and check out my blogroll on the right side called "You Will Love These Blogs" and click on all of my favorite blogs. Leave a comment on these blogs and before you know it you'll have plenty of visitors and comments.

Is that you I see sitting outside that tent and are you selling these items? Are you a dealer? See, that would be very interesting for me to know 'cause that's my life and I would love to know that you like it too.Talk a little bit about the pics that you post so other bloggers can get an idea of the things you like to do.

I hope I helped. I think these few little suggestions will get you started. I will ad your blog to my blogroll and keep an eye on what's going on with you. Keep visiting me too! Be careful. You'll get hooked!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Becky, thanks so much for stopping by and I so appreciate your prayers for us during this storm. Good luck with nursing school and a big Texas welcome to the Blog World! You're going to love it and I have no doubt make lots of friends!!

Janna said...

Hey Beck! I really like your blog, you have a lot of great pictures!! To answer your question, no it is not fall at my house yet.....

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Hi, Thank-you for stopping by, it is always nice to meet someone new. I think that Jan gave you very good advise on getting your blog out there. It does take time. I remember when I first started to blog I thought no one would ever visit me. Now I feel so guilty it I don't stop by and say hello to every one.I have made friends with so many of these ladies. I feel a special bond with them.
Good luck I will add you to my blog roll as well.

~cozy.chic.cottage~ said...

Woo hoo! I finally found you! Wow your fall decorations turned out so pretty :) And really good pictures too ~ nice and sharp! I am not ready to take my fall decorations out's such a huge mental switchover from summer to fall, I think I'm not 100% there yet! lol, maybe a couple more weeks.

The kids look so cute in their school pictures! I'll have to blog and update with the girls' first day of school pictures too.

How cute do you look in your scrubs?!! I didn't know you guys wore those yet. See how much I know about nursing school ~ ha!

Love ya!


Joy said...

It's looking like a lovely fall at your house. I love the gourd garland and the dollar store pumpkins. It all looks great!