Friday, February 27, 2009

First night on Peds

So last night was pretty good, I had heard stories about how rude some of the nurses are and how they completely ignor the students, but fortunately I didn't see that. I picked a difficult patient but I knew I would learn a lot more with this one and I did. I won't go into detailes but there was a G-J tube , a trach, decub ulcers, contractures and mental retardation so there were a lot of things that I got to observe that I hadn't had on adult med surg.
And, it's funny but I ran into a couple other nurses that I already know so that was cool!

I've got some major studying to do this weekend for a test on moday and I NEED to make up points that I lost on the last test. Then one more week of Peds, then I'll be done with clinical for the quarter yea!


Linda's World said...

I bet it was hard to see a little kid in such bad shape. Interesting, but not an area I'l ever want to work in. I'm happy to hear the MB nurses were nice to you. Thanks for the update...Love you, Aunt Linda

Christine said...

I am dreading Peds for this reason. Bless you for taking a hard case. I'm sure the attention this pt gets will be appreciated! said...

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