Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Way too much!

Ive got so much going on this week!
1) Sons birthday parties to throw, one for friends and one for family.
2) Care plans to finish up for labor and delivery
3) Peer reviews to turn in for our research paper, are you kidding me? I can barely right my own let a alone give people critique on theirs!
4) Test number three on childbirth, pediatric GI problems
5) Pharmacology quiz
Oh, yea, home baked goodies for kids valentines parties.

I also signed up today to be on the SNO commitee. (Student nurses organization) I will be their mentee coordinator, helping new first quarter students get acclimated and set up with mentors from 2nd quarter students.
I know this seems like a lot but it will look good on the resume and will hopefully open some doors. I'd like to get a job as a nurse tech in the next couple months and their is a job fair coming soon where all the hospitals tell you about the positions they've got and try to recruit you. I'm looking forward to that!

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