Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last hurdle before preceptorship

Today I took my very last dosage calculation test. I was a ball of nerves, chest pain, GI upset and all that goes with that much anxiety. But, God was looking out for me and I was able to focus and I got a 100%. Yea!!!! We also took our ATI nclex predicter test. 180 questions in three hours. I was pleased with the results, I got an 76%, the average score was 72% ans it predicted I have a 96% of passing NCLEX on the first try. Now, I don't know if I completely trust this, but I walked away happy. Now is the real time to dig in and do the studying for the most important test of my life. AAAHH!


Linda's World said...

Way to go!! You can do it.....Love Aunt Linda

KLS said...

All I can do is grin and have high hopes for you!! Great results on the predicotr! We take ours in, oh about, 11 weeks. Yikes!

Stretch said...

I took my ATI predictor in December and so far, it's been right for everyone I've talked with. Those that said would pass...have...though NCLEX was NOTHING like those annoying ATIs.