Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loving ICU so far!

I can't even say how much fun I am having in ICU. I love the complexities of all the care provided to the patients, I love learning all the meds that you never see on the med surg floors. I love seeing patients who practically come back from death to life, and it's also a priviledge to be there for there final moments. There is so much to learn but I feel I would really do well there. My preceptor has been really complementary about my confidence and assessment skills. I just HOPE that the Lord will grant me a chance to get a job in a unit such as this. I plan to apply to this unit as well as CCU and the ICU step down unit. Until then, I'm enjoying my time and taking advantage of this experiance.

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Linda's World said...

It seems like you've found a niche...hopefully it will work out for you. Hugs from Aunt Linda